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Livewire Cloud is a leading provider of cloud infrastructure services. We offer excellent solutions for managed IT service providers and businesses seeking customized cloud services. Our market popularity comes from our skill in multi-cloud solutions and our focus on new cloud technologies.

Compute Resources. Big Data. Cloud Storage. Cloud Migrations.

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Livewire Cloud Group—Cloud Portfolio

Download our comprehensive cloud service and solution portfolio datasheet, outlining a complete range of cloud services and cloud products that we offer.


Our Mission

  • Embrace technology: Provide next-gen compute power for machine learning. Also, enhance security and compliance of customer data.
  • Empower customers: Leveraging our expertise in leading technologies to create customized solutions for your clients and experience empowered business operations. 
  • Deliver the future: Be future-ready by connecting with us. We help our customers achieve business outcomes faster by combining greater support and world-class technology solutions.

Our Approach

Each day, we engage with our partners to understand their needs. We ensure to create the right solutions to meet their requirements.

We advise our partners by focusing on how to achieve business objectives with the right cloud technology solution.

Design a solution that maps each application to its best-fit platform in terms of economics, performance, data sovereignty and compliance- leveraging a multi-cloud environment.

Build a solution that is channel-focused but designed to achieve business objectives.

Manage and run the day-to-day elements of your cloud environment for greater sustainability and security.

Optimize by deploying the right cloud management tools for deep insights, with proactive performance and efficiency monitoring.

Optimizing Business Operations with Livewire Cloud

Diverse Services

  • We offer many cloud solutions, including infrastructure, software, and platforms, to fit all kinds of business needs.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Our collaborations with industry leaders like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform significantly enhance our cloud computing service capabilities.

Cost-Effective Solutions

  • We design our solutions for financial efficiency, actively reducing costs and enhancing value and investment returns.

Tailored Cloud Solutions for Every Business Need

Livewire Cloud’s main goal is to use advanced technologies to create personalized cloud solutions and services. We cater to a broad spectrum of requirements, from ensuring robust cloud security to providing efficient load balancing. Our aim is to align our cloud-based services with your specific business needs, ensuring optimal results.

A Strategic Cloud Approach for Superior Results

Understanding and addressing our partners’ unique needs is our priority. Our approach is comprehensive and includes:

  • Tailored Solutions: We create solutions that match each application’s needs, considering cost, performance, data control, and compliance.
  • Efficient System Management: Our solutions aim to meet your business goals, managing and securing cloud environments well.
  • Proactive Optimization: We utilize advanced cloud management tools to offer deep insights and ensure proactive performance and efficiency monitoring.

Explore the Livewire Cloud Group Portfolio

Find all our cloud services and products by downloading our complete cloud service and solution portfolio datasheet. This portfolio outlines our complete array of offerings, demonstrating our commitment to catering to every cloud-based need.

Our Mission: Empowering Technology, Customers, and the Future

Our mission at Livewire Cloud is threefold:

  1. Embrace Technology: We enable the creation of new revenue streams and increased efficiency through our multi-cloud solutions.
  2. Empower Customers: Our expertise in cutting-edge technologies allows us to craft customized solutions, enhancing your clients’ business operations.
  3. Deliver the Future: By partnering with us, you become future-ready. We assist our customers in achieving quicker business outcomes by combining exceptional support with world-class technology solutions.

The Livewire Cloud Advantage

Innovative Cloud Technology Solutions

Livewire Cloud distinguishes itself by offering innovative cloud technology solutions that cater to a range of business needs. Our services include:

  • Advanced Multi-Cloud Environments: We specialize in creating multi-cloud environments, providing flexibility and scalability to cater to various business requirements.
  • Software as a Service: Our SaaS offerings streamline application usage and management, offering cost-effective and scalable solutions.
  • Platform as a Service: Businesses can develop, run, and manage applications efficiently without the complexity of maintaining the infrastructure.

Enhanced Business Solutions through Cloud Services

We focus on enhancing business operations with our cloud services by:

  • Cloud Management Platform: Our platform provides detailed control and insights for effectively managing cloud resources.
  • Resource Management Expertise: We specialize in managing resources efficiently, ensuring better performance and cost savings.

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

At Livewire Cloud, seamless integration with existing systems is paramount. We ensure:

  • Operating System Integration: Our cloud solutions easily blend with different operating systems. This ensures no disruption to your current IT setup.
  • Storage and Network Solutions: We offer advanced storage and networking options to improve your IT systems’ performance and reliability.

Tailoring Cloud Solutions for Diverse Business Needs

Livewire Cloud prides itself on crafting solutions that precisely meet each business’s unique challenges:

  • Customized Hybrid Cloud Solutions: We offer tailored hybrid cloud environments, combining the best aspects of public and private clouds for a balanced infrastructure.
  • Service PaaS and SaaS Offerings: Our flexible Platform as a Service and Software as a Service models provide businesses with the agility and efficiency they require.

Transform Your Business Solutions with Livewire Cloud

Choosing Livewire Cloud means opting for a unique approach to business operations. We bring:

  • Transforming Businesses with Innovation: We design our cloud solutions to drive future business innovation and transformation.
  • Unmatched Customer Support: Our commitment to customer service ensures comprehensive support for successful cloud integration and ongoing management.

Your Trusted Partner in Cloud Innovation

Partnering with Livewire Cloud goes beyond just adopting cloud technology; it’s about transforming and future-proofing your business. We offer a broad range of cloud solutions from public cloud services to personalized hybrid cloud setups. We actively support all our products with a strong dedication to serving our customers. Choose Livewire Cloud for a partnership that guarantees innovation, transformation, and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.