Over the last 20 years, businesses have used edge routers and costly MPLS circuits for connecting different sites. But now, as digital transformation takes over, these methods are becoming outdated.

Considering 92% of business network traffic by 2021, these old networks can’t keep up. Livewire Cloud’s Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) offers a modern solution.

Our SD WAN ensures managing public and private clouds is easy. We give businesses the fast and reliable connection they need for today’s cloud applications.


What's Included?

Our solution include all the components of a software defined network into a single site solution license that’s ready to grow whenever you are.


Edge is the network device that connects each customer site with cloud provisioning, branch automation and centralized management for efficiency. The Edge device combines multiple broadband links into a unified bandwidth service that provides internet access and connectivity to other SD-WAN sites.


Core is the transport network that connects all the Livewire Gateways together, enabling secure SD-WAN transport between sites and direct peering connections. This product ensures low latency access to popular business cloud services such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google.


Gateway is the cloud-based gateway that intelligently manages customer inbound and outbound traffic to and from cloud service providers. Our gateways are multi-tenant for faster network deployment and lower OPEX cost. Gateway access is included with all our SD-WAN and SD-Internet service licenses.


Cloud is the cloud-based SD-WAN controller used to provision, monitor and manage our SD-WAN services. Service Providers and customers can easily login to view service configurations, network analytics and real-time data about the quality of experience for any sites, links or services.


Simplified Network Management

Our Network-as-a-Service model provides a complete SD-WAN solution managed through our cloud management console. Supported by our expert operations team, this enhances the functionality of cloud networks, making Livewire Cloud’s SD-WAN-as-a-Service a practical and effective choice for small to mid-sized businesses.

Enhancing Network Agility

Our service allows businesses to easily diversify bandwidth access using local internet providers and add new sites swiftly. You have the flexibility to increase site speed by adding connections and updating licenses as your bandwidth needs change.

Simple Reliability

We ensure continuous productivity by protecting against link outages. We watch links closely to quickly fix any issues and keep your sites connected for smooth service.

Optimizing Cloud Productivity

Livewire Cloud’s SD-WAN optimizes your broadband connections for consistent cloud performance. We concentrate on real-time cloud services and manage the entire connectivity process to provide fast, low-latency access to business cloud applications.

Cost-Effective Operations

Delivered as a managed service, our SD-WAN solution increases network efficiency through centralized management and branch automation. This approach offers small and mid-sized businesses cost savings and reduced risk.

Reliable Automatic Site Failover

Our SD-WAN solution includes infrastructure monitoring and management of link health, protecting your productivity by automatically addressing link outages. This ensures all sessions remain connected, without dropped calls or IP address changes.

Bi-Directional Quality of Service (QoS)

Our patented bi-directional Quality of Service (QoS) efficiently handles traffic for essential services like voice and video conferencing over broadband connections, helping prevent network congestion.

Comprehensive Cloud Management

Our SD-WAN solutions give you the confidence of a cloud-managed network service. Customers have easy access to view network and application performance through the Livewire Cloud portal.

Enhanced Cloud Office Productivity

Our service ensures high-quality calls even during peak network usage, dynamically allocating bandwidth as needed, thus maintaining call quality amidst multiple concurrent applications.

Advanced Troubleshooting

When voice quality issues arise, our expert IT team quickly resolves problems, ensuring a smooth restoration of services.

Livewire Cloud’s SD-WAN-as-a-Service actively provides a robust solution tailored for today’s businesses. It perfectly aligns with cloud management platforms, cloud infrastructure, and edge cloud solutions. This service supports various cloud services, including software as a service and complex cloud applications.

Our cloud business focuses on optimizing internet connections, boosting cloud security, and enhancing network performance. This makes our service an ideal choice for businesses aiming to cut costs and benefit from efficient management platforms. Additionally, we ensure the secure handling of sensitive data across all datacenter management.