Remote Desktop Services (RDSaaS)


Remote Desktop Services

Installing RDS (Remote Desktop Services) virtualization solution in WS is a tedious task. It takes hours to install various server roles, applications, and components such as connection broker and NALB. In addition, you need to configure several parameters. Furthermore, to do all this, you need to be an experienced IT professional and specialized in virtualization concepts.

Livewire’s RDSaaS provides an easy way to deploy and manage the entire infrastructure at a significantly low price. Several useful features, such as load balancing and universal printing, come auto-configured. Also, you don’t need to be a virtualization expert to get this system up and running. Using a simple wizard, you can set up servers and other components with ease. With RDSaaS, you can easily publish legacy applications without the server OS restriction of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. RDSaaS enables a brilliant and consistent experience across any OS and platform, providing a native client for any device. The capabilities are identical no matter which RDSaaS client or OS you use.