Referral Partner Program (RPP)


Referral Partner Program

Livewire’s Referral Program provides our partners and customers with a simple, easy and profitable way to refer managed cloud opportunities across our full portfolio. Whether you are an affiliate, agent, master agent, digital agency, consultant, web designer or developer, we want to help you earn commissions by leveraging the Livewire brand in marketplace to uncover new opportunities and easily refer our solutions to your customers and prospects. Referral partners receive immediate rewards and benefits for their referrals with a simple and intuitive “click to agree” contract that requires no commitment. With an extensive best-of-breed portfolio of managed cloud platforms and solutions based on Vmware, Cisco, HP, Veeam and several other technologies as well as unrivaled expertise and support for all of them, it’s easy to promote Livewire Cloud Solutions to your customers.

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How does it work?

Sub Contracted via Managed Cloud Provider (MCP) Partner

Being a channel centric company, at Livewire our core objective is to make sure our partners can offer extremely competitive solutions to their customers yet making excellent revenue for them without compromising on quality of product and services. With this thought process, all references from Referral partners are redirected to one of the MCP partners in nearby proximity. Since we do not provide Level1 / User Level Support, its imperative for one of the MCP partners to take this lead and close it. Further, MCP Partner and RP Partner can decide and agree between them on commission percentage. Unlike other cloud providers we do not control what that percentage would be, therefore both MCP and RP partner can make great profits. Livewire merely act as a platform to bring both the parties on same market place and deliver required solution to ultimate end customer to build fruitful business relation between Customer, Affiliate and MCP partner providing Win-Win value proposition for all parties.

Livewire has made the referral program as easy and transparent as possible for us to earn more business together. Unlike most programs there are no fees or commitments in this program. It’s simple – you are rewarded for referring leads. We have designed a partner portal for you that serves as a main hub for your sales, marketing and training resources. Partners can access marketing resources and co-branded collateral, and leverage on-demand training modules for our products and services. Our dedicated sales and support teams are here to help you learn, grow and enhance our respective businesses for a rewarding and profitable relationship.

Livewire Cloud Group – Cloud Portfolio

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