Ransomware Protection (RWPaaS)


Addressing the Rising Ransomware Protection Requirements

Businesses face an unprecedented wave of cyber security challenges. The threat of ransomware is more rampant than ever, with losses potentially reaching $2 billion this year. Alarmingly, ransomware attacks are not just the domain of skilled hackers anymore. Ransomware kits, available for as little as $39, allow almost anyone to launch malicious attacks.


Modern cyber protection must-haves

Every business needs complete cyber protection with an intuitive cloud management console.


Reliable backup copies


Always accessible data


Control over data permissions


Proof that data is original


Protection from modern threats


Comprehensive Data and System Protection

Livewire Cloud introduces “Ransomware Protection as a Service (RWPaaS),” powered by Acronis, a leader in security technology. Our service works well with most anti-malware programs, ensuring that all your data is safe. This includes not only your documents, media files, and programs, but also your backup files.

Livewire’s RWPaaS stands out as a unique solution, natively integrating security, data protection, and management. This integration safeguards endpoints, systems, and data, simplifying protection processes for service providers and reducing costs.

No More Complexity in Security Management

Traditional endpoint protection often suffers from a lack of integration, leading to complex management and policy enforcement. Acronis Cyber Protect streamlines this process with a unified agent, interface, and license, reducing risks compared to separate systems.

Minimizing Incidents with Integrated Backup and Anti-malware

Backup solutions independent of anti-malware are vulnerable to ransomware. Acronis Cyber Protect uses an AI system for threat detection in backups. We combine anti-malware with backup for seamless automatic data restoration.

Boosting Productivity Through Unified Protection Technologies

Acronis Cyber Protect unites multiple cloud platform protection technologies, increasing reliability and reducing the time needed for deployment and maintenance. This integrated solution streamlines resource management and reduces total cost of ownership.

Advanced Features of Acronis Cyber Protect

  • Anti-malware and Antivirus: AI-driven protection, including anti-ransomware and anti-cryptojacking.
  • Fail-safe Patching: Pre-patch image backups for easy recovery.
  • Forensic Backup: Disk-level recovery for compliance and investigations.
  • Safe Recovery: Automated malware scanning post-patching.
  • Continuous Data Protection: Real-time backup for applications.
  • Global Threat Monitoring and Smart Alerts: Real-time infrastructure monitoring and management alerts.
  • Global and Local Whitelists: Advanced malware scans on backups with organization-specific whitelisting.

100% Detection Rate with Acronis CPOC

Benefit from the Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Centers’ global network, offering real-time malware, risk alerts, and disaster alerts, ensuring proactive data protection.

Streamlining IT Operations with Acronis Cyber Protect at Livewire Cloud

Maximizing Storage and Networking Efficiency

Acronis Cyber Protect simplifies storage and networking resource management, leading to more efficient cloud storage use and cost savings.

Advanced Monitoring for Diverse Infrastructures

The solution provides cutting-edge monitoring tools. Utilize a wide range of operating systems and applications, ensuring optimal functioning of your IT infrastructure.

Enhancing Cloud Storage and Application Efficacy

Acronis Cyber Protect secures data and ensuring efficient application performance, crucial for cloud-based solutions.

Cost-Effective Resource Management

Our platform is cost-effective management of both physical and virtual resources. Acronis Cyber Protect offers a centralized approach to managing diverse IT environments.

Seamless Integration Across IT Environments

We dedicate to delivering cloud management solutions. We prioritize security and data protection. Our service integrates your cloud infrastructure with continuous data protection and advanced malware protection technology. We safeguard your entire IT stack against cyber threats.

Our service extends beyond virtual desktop infrastructure protection, ensuring smooth operation of cloud business applications and systems. We enhance your cloud management console for robust monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure. With Livewire Cloud’s compute resources, you get a secure, reliable, and high-performing cloud environment.