Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Embrace Hybrid Cloud Evolution with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Experience the next generation of hybrid cloud infrastructure with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI. Livewire Cloud offers Azure Stack HCI as a fully managed cloud solution, hosted directly in Livewire’s state-of-the-art datacenter. This service provides businesses with a robust and scalable infrastructure, merging the power and flexibility of Microsoft Azure with the bespoke management and support of Livewire’s expert team.

By leveraging Azure Stack HCI, organizations can run virtualized applications and workloads with high performance and low latency. The solution ensures seamless integration with Azure services, enabling hybrid cloud scenarios and facilitating a smooth journey to the cloud. Livewire’s comprehensive management covers all aspects of the Azure Stack HCI environment, including monitoring, maintenance, patching, and support, allowing businesses to focus on innovation and growth without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.


Key Features

Easily connect with Azure for a unified management experience across your hybrid cloud environment.

Scale resources up or down based on your operational needs without compromising on performance.

Benefit from built-in security features that protect your data across hardware, software, and cloud services.

Designed for mission-critical applications, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum reliability.

A pre-validated, ready-to-deploy infrastructure simplifies the complexity of your datacenter operations.

Azure Stack HCI builds on the reliable foundation of Hyper-V, Storage Spaces Direct, and Azure management services. This ensures superior performance and stability for your critical workloads.

  • Validated Hardware: Choose from hardware partners who provide pre-tested and validated systems.
  • Azure Stack HCI Operating System: A specialized OS designed for HCI deployments.
  • Hyper-V Compute Resources: Industry-leading virtualization capabilities.
  • Storage Spaces Direct: Virtualized storage for high performance and efficiency.
  • Arc-Enabled Servers: Manage Windows and Linux VMs seamlessly.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop & Kubernetes Service (AKS): Extend your capabilities with virtual desktops and containerized applications.
  • Azure Services: Leverage Azure for monitoring, backup, site recovery, and more.
  • Management Tools: Use Azure portal, Azure Resource Manager, Bicep templates, Azure CLI, and traditional on-premises tools like System Center and PowerShell.


VMware Cloud Foundation - Benefits

Reduce total cost of ownership by optimizing resource usage and minimizing unnecessary expenses.

Leverage the latest innovations in hyper-converged technology for high-speed computing and storage solutions.

Rapid deployment and easy integration with existing systems speed up digital transformation.

Manage resources across on-premises and cloud environments using familiar tools and processes.

Stay ahead with a solution that adapts to the latest technological advancements and business requirements.

Instead of a hefty upfront cost, pay monthly via subscription, offering financial flexibility.

Leverage existing skills with Hyper-V and server management, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity.

Monitor and manage from the Azure portal or with on-premises tools such as Microsoft System Center, Active Directory, Group Policy, and PowerShell scripting.

Compatible with popular backup, security, and monitoring tools, ensuring a seamless fit into your existing ecosystem.

Select from a wide range of hardware partners to get the best service and support tailored to your geography.

Benefit from joint support between Microsoft and hardware vendors, providing a better customer experience.

Stay current with easy-to-apply solution updates, keeping your infrastructure secure and efficient.

Azure Hybrid Benefit

Leverage the Azure Hybrid Benefit with Livewire’s Datacenter Cloud to significantly reduce the costs of running your hybrid cloud. This unique advantage allows you to:

Save up to 70% on Costs:

Use your existing on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance to save on Azure Stack HCI and Azure virtual machines.

Flexible Licensing:

Choose when and how to use your existing licenses to best suit your cloud migration or expansion strategy.

Seamless Transition:

Move your workloads to Azure Stack HCI with minimal disruption, maintaining compliance and maximizing the value of your existing investments.

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI - Benefits