High Performance Cloud (HPC)

Extending the simplicity of hyper convergence from core to edge and multi-cloud.


Agile High Performance Cloud for Dynamic Business Needs

Livewire Cloud’s HPCaaS, leveraging Cisco HyperFlex™ systems with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, offers a hyperconverged infrastructure solution that simplifies managing applications across any cloud environment. Whether it’s processing big data, running enterprise applications, or deploying IoT solutions, our service ensures that your infrastructure adapts to your business needs, even in remote and edge locations.

  • Any application: Cisco HyperFlex systems support virtualized and containerized deployment with multiple hypervisors and have been tested and validated for numerous enterprise applications.
  • Any cloud: The platform includes tools for application performance monitoring, application placement, and cloud mobility so that you can design how to deploy your applications and place them wherever your business needs dictate.
  • Anywhere: You can achieve true global scale with the simplicity of hyper converged infrastructure that reaches to your network edge. Cloud-based deployment, management, and monitoring scales through templates that make deploying hundreds of remote sites as simple as deploying a single one.

The solution: HPCaaS powered by Cisco HyperFlex systems

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HyperFlex Systems: Agility and Scalability for Every Cloud

Engineered with Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®), Cisco HyperFlex systems bring agility, scalability, and cost-effective cloud economics to your IT infrastructure. This powerful combination supports multisite, distributed computing on a global scale, offering a versatile solution for various cloud architectures.

Versatile Application Deployment

Cisco HyperFlex systems excel in deploying both virtualized and containerized applications. They are compatible with multiple hypervisors and are validated for numerous enterprise applications. This flexibility ensures that your applications perform optimally, regardless of the cloud platform.

Global Deployment Made Simple

With HyperFlex, you can achieve global reach effortlessly. Its hyperconverged infrastructure extends to the network edge, enabling easy cloud-based deployment and management. This simplifies setting up remote sites, making it as straightforward as deploying a single location.

End-to-End Hyperconverged Solution

HyperFlex stands as the first hyperconverged platform designed as a complete software-defined infrastructure. It supports a wider range of applications and workloads, from data centers to hybrid clouds and edge computing environments, eliminating the limitations of first-generation hyperconverged products.

Container and Multi-Cloud Deployment Flexibility

Build and deploy Kubernetes-based microservices with Cisco Container Platform for HyperFlex and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. This allows you to create applications once and deploy them in any cloud environment, be it private or public like Google Cloud.

Enterprise-Class Data Management

Livewire’s HPCaaS includes advanced data management features necessary for comprehensive lifecycle management and enhanced data protection. These features, like deduplication and compression, optimize storage in distributed environments.

Dynamic Data Placement and Security Compliance

Our dynamic data placement optimizes performance, supporting a mix of SSD and HDD or NVMe storage solutions. Data encryption ensures compliance with industry and government regulations, backed by rigorous security standards like FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140-2.

Efficient Cloud-Based Management with Cisco Intersight

Manage your infrastructure with Cisco Intersight, a cloud-based SaaS platform. This tool offers multicloud container support, ensuring your clusters are effectively managed, regardless of their deployment location.

Optimized for Enterprise Applications

Cisco HyperFlex M5 nodes offer reduced latency and increased readiness for a broad spectrum of applications. With Cisco Validated Designs, deployment is accelerated, and risks are minimized. Flexible configurations allow deployment in data centers, private clouds, or edge computing setups.

Cisco Intersight: A Cloud-Based Interface for Cluster Management

Access your clusters from anywhere with Cisco Intersight. This cloud interface supports parallel, heterogeneous deployments and full-stack upgrades, ensuring your infrastructure is always up-to-date and aligned with application requirements.

Cisco HyperFlex Connect: Intuitive Management Tool

An HTML-5-based management tool, Cisco HyperFlex Connect, allows device-independent access to all cluster features. Manage crucial data platform features, like availability zones and replication, through this user-friendly interface.

Seamless Hypervisor Management Integration

Cisco HyperFlex systems management integrates with Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vCenter. This integration allows seamless management of virtual machines, including storage through the data platform, using familiar interfaces.

The Solution: HPCaaS powered by Cisco HyperFlex systems

Software as a Service (SaaS) Integration

Livewire Cloud’s HPCaaS seamlessly integrates with various SaaS applications, allowing businesses to leverage cloud applications effortlessly. This integration significantly reduces costs by eliminating the need for extensive physical hardware and maintenance.

Cost-Effective Cloud Application Deployment

Our service focuses on reducing operational costs while enhancing the functionality of cloud applications. By streamlining deployment processes and minimizing the need for expensive infrastructure, Livewire Cloud’s HPCaaS makes deploying cloud applications more cost-effective and accessible.

Optimized Remote Access for Global Connectivity

Livewire Cloud ensures secure and efficient remote access to cloud applications, crucial for businesses with a distributed workforce or those requiring access to applications and data on the go.

Advanced Load Balancing for Consistent Performance

Our HPCaaS implements sophisticated load balancing techniques to manage traffic and workload distribution, ensuring optimal application performance and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Ensuring Superior Customer Experience

At Livewire Cloud, we prioritize delivering a superior customer experience through our HPCaaS. We ensure smooth and efficient access to applications and data, facilitating seamless interaction for end-users and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Robust Computer Storage and Data Management

Our service offers robust computer storage solutions, enabling efficient management and storage of vast amounts of data. Our advanced data platform software streamlines managing, accessing, and securing data.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with VMware Horizon

Livewire Cloud’s HPCaaS supports virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), including integration with VMware Horizon, providing users with a powerful, virtualized desktop experience optimized for performance and security.

Comprehensive Cloud Management Console

Our cloud management platform offers a centralized console for efficiently managing various aspects of the cloud infrastructure, simplifying the management of resources and applications.

Scalable and Secure Cloud Infrastructure

We provide a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure, capable of supporting a wide range of workloads and business requirements, designed to adapt to evolving business needs while maintaining high security and compliance levels.

User-Friendly Interface Design

Livewire Cloud’s HPCaaS emphasizes intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interfaces, enhancing user engagement and efficiency in managing cloud resources.

Integrated Storage and Network Solutions

Our service offers integrated storage and network solutions, ensuring seamless data flow and storage efficiency, catering to the diverse needs of businesses.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Azure

Livewire Cloud’s HPCaaS offers seamless integration with Microsoft Azure, allowing businesses to leverage Azure’s extensive cloud services for a harmonious blend of advanced management services and robust cloud capabilities.

Advanced Management Services for Optimal Resource Utilization

Our HPCaaS includes sophisticated management services designed to optimize the use of compute resources, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance in cloud operations.

Machine Learning Capabilities for Predictive Analytics

Livewire Cloud’s HPCaaS harnesses machine learning for predictive analytics and intelligent insights, enabling data-driven decisions and optimization of processes.

Utilizing Physical Servers for Enhanced Performance

While focusing on cloud solutions, we recognize the importance of physical servers in certain scenarios. Our HPCaaS ensures effective utilization of these servers, complementing the cloud infrastructure and enhancing overall IT environment robustness.

High-Speed Computing Power at Your Fingertips

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the need for speed is paramount. Livewire Cloud’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions offer unparalleled high-speed processing capabilities. Our cloud-based HPC services ensure that you have access to the computing power you need, whenever you need it.

Combining Computational Power with Flexibility

Our HPC clusters are designed to handle complex computations at lightning speeds. By combining computational power with the flexibility of the cloud, we provide a solution that adapts to your varying workloads, ensuring efficient resource utilization.

Optimized File Systems for Maximum Performance

At the core of our HPC solutions is an optimized file system, tailored to support high-performance computers. This ensures that data-intensive tasks are executed smoothly, without any bottlenecks, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Seamless Integration for Running HPC Workloads

Livewire Cloud’s HPC solutions are not just about raw power; they’re also about seamless integration. Our platform is designed to support a wide range of HPC workloads, from scientific research to complex data analysis, ensuring that your projects run without a hitch.

Cloud-Based HPC: The Future of Computing

Embrace the future with Livewire Cloud’s cloud-based HPC solutions. Experience a blend of speed, power, and flexibility that takes your computational capabilities to new heights. Join us in the cloud and transform the way you compute.