GPU Workstation (GWSaaS)


GPU Workstation

Organizations are increasingly embracing agility, secure collaboration, and real-time interaction. Teams across diverse sectors such as manufacturing, architecture, education, and healthcare now require the ability to seamlessly engage with large graphics-intensive datasets, all while ensuring secure 3D manipulation in real-time.

Simultaneously, professionals from various industries demand an impeccable user experience, especially when accessing virtual workspaces that encompass Windows 10 and basic office productivity applications. These applications increasingly demand higher graphics performance than ever before.

Livewire presents the GPU Workstation in Cloud (GWSaaS), empowered by Vmware Horizon and NVIDIA, where the longstanding trade-off between cost and performance is eliminated.


Empowering Creativity with Virtual Workstations

Livewire Cloud brings artists, designers, and engineers the power of virtual workstations equipped with VMware Horizon Blast Extreme and NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation. This combination ensures productive and creative work, irrespective of your device or operating system.

Enhanced Experience with VMware's Blast Extreme Protocol

Achieving a responsive experience in virtualized environments, especially with graphics-intensive workloads, can be challenging. VMware Horizon 7 and NVIDIA GRID significantly enhance latency, bandwidth, and frames per second while reducing CPU utilization, thanks to NVIDIA Blast Extreme Acceleration.

Cost Effective Single Platform

Livewire’s GWSaaS is built on a single platform leveraging VMware’s end-to-end capabilities. This platform offers a unified solution for VDI, RDS hosted apps, and SaaS applications, integrating VMware Horizon, Virtual SAN, and App Volumes.

Certified for Peace of Mind

NVIDIA GRID GPUs undergo extensive ISV testing, ensuring high-level graphics performance and quality in a virtualized environment.

Cloud Recognition

With the introduction of NVv4 in Microsoft Azure, secure, cost-effective modern desktop experiences are made possible by AMD Radeon Instinct™ GPUs. Livewire Cloud offers similar technology within private or Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) environments.

Optimized CAD and PLM Performance

Designers and engineers using CAD and PLM solutions on virtual desktops can enjoy a responsive experience, comparable to physical workstations.

Secure and Mobile Workforce for Design and PLM

Centralizing design models and data in data centers enhances the security of designs and intellectual property, while providing flexibility to access applications and data from anywhere.

Real-Time, Graphics-Intensive Collaboration

Companies can enable real-time collaboration among geographically dispersed teams, accessing tools, design environments, and data securely.

Enhanced Security with Unified Access Gateway (UAG)

UAG directs authentication requests appropriately, ensuring users can access only authorized resources and directing traffic to entitled desktop and application resources.

Personalization and Policy Configuration with User Environment Manager

GWSaaS offers personalized and dynamically configured policies across various environments, simplifying end-user profile management.

Real-Time Application Delivery with App Volumes

App Volumes provides next-generation, real-time application delivery, making applications available dynamically upon login or system boot.

Seamless Integrations

With Livewire’s GWSaaS, organizations can deliver immersive graphics experiences directly from the cloud, rivaling the performance of physical PCs or workstations.

Maximizing Cloud Management Efficiency

Livewire’s GWSaaS takes cloud management to the next level, providing organizations with the tools needed to optimize their cloud infrastructure for seamless operations across various cloud platforms.

Unlocking the Potential of Virtual Infrastructure

Livewire’s GWSaaS offers more than graphics performance. It integrates seamlessly with VMware Horizon and infrastructure, providing real-time insights into virtual environment performance.

Harnessing the Power of Software-Defined Networking

Livewire’s GWSaaS offers software-defined networking capabilities, allowing for granular control over network connections and embracing flexibility and scalability.

Cost Savings through Resource Management

Efficiency in resource management leads to significant cost reductions. Livewire’s GWSaaS allows for dynamic allocation of compute resources, optimizing virtual infrastructure operation.

Seamless Application Performance

Livewire’s GWSaaS ensures smooth operation of applications and services, with tools for monitoring and fine-tuning virtual infrastructure for unparalleled application performance.

Enhanced Storage Networks

Effective storage management is crucial in a virtual environment. Livewire’s GWSaaS integrates with storage networks for efficient data storage and access.

Embracing Cloud Platforms

Livewire’s GWSaaS embraces various cloud platforms, offering multi-cloud connectivity and reducing operational costs while enhancing scalability.

Conclusion: Elevating Virtual Workflows

Livewire Cloud’s GPU Workstation (GWSaaS) is a comprehensive solution that elevates virtual workflows, from cloud management to resource optimization. Experience the future of virtual infrastructure with Livewire Cloud, unlocking cost savings and embracing seamless performance.