GPU VDI – Supercharged Virtual Desktops

Livewire Cloud introduces GPU VDI (GVDIaaS), powered by AMD MxGPU, the world’s first hardware-based virtualized GPU solution. This technology utilizes SR-IOV, allowing multiple virtual users per GPU, enhancing remote work capabilities. Our solution offers secure, cost-effective cloud-based GPU options. We are the ideal for partners looking to expand their GPU capabilities without extra software costs.


Streamlined Cloud Platforms Integration

Livewire Cloud’s GPU VDI (GVDIaaS) integrates seamlessly with various cloud platforms. This integration ensures that users can access a wide range of applications and services with ease, regardless of the underlying cloud infrastructure.

Effective Load Balancing for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Our solution includes advanced load balancing capabilities. This ensures that compute resources are optimally utilized, enhancing the performance of virtual desktops across the IT infrastructure.

Centralized Management for Simplified Operations

Livewire Cloud’s GPU VDI features a centralized management console. This allows for efficient monitoring and management of virtual infrastructure, reducing operational complexities and enabling cost-effective administration.

Optimizing IT Infrastructure with VMware Horizon

Our service fully supports VMware Horizon, offering enhanced multi-cloud connectivity and streamlined server virtualization. This enhances the flexibility and scalability of your IT infrastructure.

Cost Savings through Efficient Resource Management

With Livewire Cloud’s GPU VDI, businesses can achieve significant cost savings. Our service optimizes the use of virtualization resources, reducing the need for physical hardware and lowering overall IT expenses.

Superior Application Performance

Livewire Cloud’s GPU VDI ensures top-tier application performance. By leveraging software-defined virtual technology, we guarantee that all virtual desktops run smoothly and efficiently, enhancing user productivity.

Robust Monitoring Tools for Enhanced Visibility

Our platform includes advanced monitoring tools that provide real-time insights into the infrastructure’s performance. This helps in proactive maintenance and ensures high availability of all virtualized resources.

Robust Monitoring Tools for Enhanced Visibility

GPU VDI offers robust support for storage networks, ensuring secure and efficient data handling. Additionally, our advanced server virtualization techniques contribute to a more resilient and agile IT environment.

User-Friendly Access to Applications and Services

Livewire Cloud’s GPU VDI makes it easy for users to access their required applications and services across different operating systems, enhancing the overall user experience.

Software-Defined Solutions for Modern Needs

Our GPU VDI service is a software-defined solution that meets the evolving demands of modern virtualized environments. It offers flexibility and scalability, essential for today’s dynamic IT landscape.

Proactive Infrastructure Oversight

Livewire Cloud’s GPU VDI (GVDIaaS) incorporates advanced infrastructure monitoring and management tools. These tools provide real-time insights and analytics, allowing IT teams to proactively manage and maintain the health and performance of their entire virtual infrastructure.

Cloud Management Console: Centralized Control

Our cloud management console serves as the command center for the GPU VDI environment. It offers a user-friendly interface where IT administrators can oversee all aspects of the virtual infrastructure, from resource allocation to system health checks, streamlining management tasks and enhancing operational efficiency.

Streamline Integration with VMware Infrastructure

Livewire Cloud’s solution is fully compatible with VMware infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration into existing virtual environments. This compatibility facilitates the management of various operating systems and applications, contributing to a unified virtual ecosystem.

Cost-Reduction Strategies

Our GPU VDI service is designed to significantly reduce IT costs. By optimizing resource utilization and reducing the need for physical hardware investments, businesses can achieve substantial cost savings while maintaining high-performance virtual desktops.

Operating System Diversity and Support

Livewire Cloud’s GPU VDI supports a wide range of operating systems, ensuring flexibility and compatibility for various business needs. This versatility allows organizations to run different operating systems on their virtual desktops, catering to diverse user requirements and workloads.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Inclusion

Our GPU VDI service covers all aspects of virtual infrastructure, including compute, storage, and networking components. This comprehensive approach ensures that every element of the IT infrastructure is optimized for peak performance and reliability, enhancing the overall virtual desktop experience.

In summary, Livewire Cloud’s GPU VDI (GVDIaaS) provides a robust solution for managing and optimizing virtual desktop infrastructure. With features like advanced monitoring and management, a centralized cloud management console, and seamless integration with VMware infrastructure, our service empowers businesses to efficiently manage their IT resources, reduce costs, and support a wide range of operating systems and applications.