Compliance Cloud as a Service (CCaaS)


Compliance Cloud

As options for enterprise workloads across private and public clouds proliferate, companies face increasing complexity to manage requirements for cybersecurity and compliance across the hybrid cloud. Requirements from global, country-specific, regional, and local authorities in government and industry are continually evolving, with mandates such as GDPR, FISMA, FedRAMP, HIPAA, NESA (in UAE), PCIDSS, ISO 27001 specifications. For companies planning their journey to the cloud, this complexity creates a great deal of friction, slowing their ability to migrate to the cloud and realize its benefits. For companies already dealing with ever-sprawling cloud environments, inconsistent security and policy frameworks across environments could result in widening channels of weakness, vulnerable to attack.

Livewire’s Risk and Compliance Management As a Services (RCMaaS) powered by Caveonix partnered with VMware offers hybrid cloud risk and compliance management solution as a service, making its unified platform available on a subscription basis to enterprise and SMB customers. This turnkey, multitenant solution can be white-labeled by MSPs to their end customers. The service builds on leading solutions from VMware that MSPs and customers already use for modernizing data centers while transforming networking and security in the multi-cloud era.


How does it work?

The RiskForesight Detect module identifies changes in the hybrid cloud infrastructure, tenant workloads, network flows, and security policies with native integration into the cloud orchestration platforms. RiskForesight’s engine, CaveoIQ™, powers the solution’s Predict module. It leverages predictive analytics and machine learning to assess risks and build predictive risk mitigation models specific to tenant workloads, plus infrastructure-level steps for service providers.

The Act module provides protective actions at manual, semi-automated, or fully automated levels, using native application programming interface (API)–level integration. RiskForesight’s Risk Management Control Plane (RMCP) underpins a Protection Plane for proactive or reactive actions at the network, security, and compute control levels of the cloud infrastructure, irrespective of the cloud technology stack.

The RMCP also supports a Reporting Plane for a unified dashboard view of cyberrisk and compliance risk posture across the hybrid cloud environment. The dashboard can be private-labeled by service providers for use by their end customers.

What you can do?

Manual do-it-yourself processes and multiple tools adopted by security engineering teams are no longer a secure or scalable option for protecting your assets in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With vast quantities of data to collect and analyze, your teams can still miss a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities, security issues, configuration issues and compliance issues.


Streamlining Hybrid Cloud Compliance with Livewire Cloud’s CCaaS

Livewire Cloud’s Compliance Cloud (CCaaS), in partnership with Caveonix and VMware, offers an innovative Risk and Compliance Management As a Service (RCMaaS) to streamline cybersecurity and compliance in hybrid cloud environments. This platform addresses complex global and local regulations, including GDPR, FISMA, FedRAMP, and HIPAA. Designed for enterprises and SMBs, CCaaS simplifies the transition to cloud computing with advanced risk management, predictive analytics, and a focus on operational efficiency. It supports various cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and provides a unified solution for risk mitigation, data protection, and compliance management. This turnkey service, ideal for white-labeling by MSPs, enhances security posture and ensures continual compliance across multi-cloud deployments.