Cloud Replica as a Service (RaaS)


Cloud Replica

Livewire’s “Replication As a Service” (RaaS), powered by Veeam Cloud Connect, offers an efficient solution for securing physical and virtual backups off-site while replicating virtual machines (VMs). This service eliminates the cost and complexity associated with constructing and maintaining an off-site infrastructure. Veeam® Cloud Connect provides a seamlessly integrated, fast, and secure method for backing up and replicating data to a service provider’s cloud repository. In this article, we will explore how Livewire Cloud’s RaaS simplifies cloud-based disaster recovery and off-site backup.


Streamlined Cloud Management

A robust cloud management platform is vital for efficiently overseeing digital infrastructure. Livewire Cloud’s RaaS, with Veeam Cloud Connect, simplifies data replication and integrates seamlessly with various cloud management platforms for centralized control and monitoring. Optimize your virtual desktop infrastructure, including VMware Horizon, and manage your entire VMware infrastructure effectively.

Optimizing Physical Hardware Resources

In the digital landscape, optimizing physical hardware resources is crucial to reduce costs and enhance performance. Livewire Cloud’s RaaS empowers you to maximize the use of physical servers and compute resources, achieving cost savings while maintaining robust and responsive cloud environments.

Mitigating Data Loss Risks

With Livewire’s RaaS and Veeam Cloud Connect, mitigate the nightmare of data loss. Our solution provides load balancing to effectively distribute workloads, reducing data loss risk during peak periods, ensuring critical information remains secure and accessible.

Seamless Integration with Cloud Platforms

Livewire Cloud’s RaaS supports multiple cloud platforms and optimizes virtualization resources. Whether using public, private, or hybrid clouds, our solution streamlines data storage and management, offering centrally managed cloud resources for improved cost savings and resilience.

Online Backup Service for Enhanced Security

Protect applications and data with Livewire Cloud’s RaaS online backup service, combining advanced security with seamless management. Efficiently back up remote desktops, securely storing critical applications and data off-site.

Efficient Resource Management

Livewire Cloud’s RaaS, in collaboration with Veeam Cloud Connect, offers robust resource management capabilities. Dynamically allocate resources for optimal performance and cost minimization within a user-friendly management platform.